Lyndsay Bullock, Cordial Punch Press

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

I’m Lyndsay, the Designer/Creator/Stressball behind Cordial Punch Press. I’m a one-woman show which means your order is 100% fulfilled with care by me personally, and my full attention to all of your details. When you email Cordial Punch Press, I will be the one answering your questions and seeing your order through to the end. I’m professional but also a person so I’m going to keep it real and we’re probably going to laugh more than once. I’ve got an insane standard for quality, especially when it comes to paper and printing. Your invitations will be stellar, your guests will be stoked, and you’ll be totally pleased with your choice to go with Cordial Punch Press.

Fill out the form below and I'll get back with you within two days (if it's after 5PM EST on a Friday, it will most likely wait until Monday morning, my weekends are full of my three young kids and their craziness). Feeling antsy? You can also send me a message on IG or FB to get a quick answer (if you have a quick question!) Also, the more details you give me the better I can answer your questions so don’t hold back.

xoxox- Lyndsay

Things like Quantity, Timeline, Style Preferences, Is this a RUSH, etc.